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Some of the most unfortunate children are those who loose their parents at an early age, the orphans. There are millions of orphans in the world and the worst ones are those who have not only lost their parents but also their families, their homes and their dreams. 

We are working with various organisations and establishments to help these kids live a decent childhood, enjoy their younger years and put them on a path of a successful life.

This takes a lot of effort on the part of those involved and means treating these poor souls as your own child. Looking after these children is not a one off affair but a continuos effort which takes dedication and love.  

We need funds to support these children on daily basis with food, water, shelter and education. 

1. Daily meals and snacks

2. Clothing and shoes

3. Books, toys and other necessaties of life



Due to her efforts, Loving Humans spent a wonderful day with the lovely girls of an ashram in Rudrapur, Uttranchal, India. 
They spent the day cooking, feeding, playing and making these orphan girls feel special. 
Nothing much can be said except that, all we need is love, the rest will follow. 

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