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What we dont see, doesn't bother us. But there are families who are struggling with the worst hardships of life. Because of any misfortune, accident or mere poverty these families are living in the most miserable conditions imaginable. Some of the places that they live with their children are not even suitable for animals. And in order to survive and to get just one meal available for their children these men and women have to go through the daily struggle of hard labour, begging and even prostitution. 

Unfortunately some of these young children are also forced to follow the foot steps of their elders as a means of survival. Boys as young as 10 are working as labour in factories and girls as young as 12 are forced in to prostitution. 

We are helping these families go through this hard time with dignity. We provide them with monthly ration, pay for a decent accommodation and put their children through school. We teach the women life skills so that they can start earning a decent living without resorting to begging or worse. 


Our aim is to help each family, one by one, stand on their own feet and once we are confident that they can survive without our help we let them earn their own living and help another family who is in similar situation.


We have helped 10 families in the past 6 months stand on their own feet with dignity and pride but there are thousands more. You can help by donating, either once or on monthly basis and help these families avoid the indignity of slavery, begging or even worse. 

1. Get ration for 1 month for one family - £70

2. Provide accomodation for a family of 4 - £100 per month

3. Put a child through school - £45 per month



This is a family in Lahore who we are providing ration on monthly basis. 



Another family that needed our help and support.



We bought a sewing machine for this lady so that she can start earning her own living.



We bought a cart for this cleaning lady so that she can start earning a second income to support her family.

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