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~  A world where all humans lead a dignified life free of hunger, suffering and exploitation ~

    Make a donation today and you will bring comfort to someone when they need it most.

    Your generosity will give more people clean water, food, medicine and shelter.

    There is someone who needs you today and your  donation can change their life.

    Put a smile on a child's face, give them hope that there are Loving Humans out there.    

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Why give your donations to Loving Humans...

There are thousands of charities out there so why give your donation to us?

The reason is simple; we are not a big charity with fancy offices or massive internal expenses or posh marketing campaigns. 

We are a bunch of professional people who have come together to make a difference to fellow human beings.

We dont take on massive tasks of changing the world, instead we concentrate on individuals and families. We ensure that each project that we undertake is completed before we move on.

Small steps, small changes which go a long way.............thats our strategy. 

If you want to know more, please feel free to contact us.

You can donate by clicking on the heart or volunteer with us, trust us, its the best feeling you get as a human being :)

What we have been up to...

Our volunteers at work in London...

Monthly ration distribution to the poor and struggling families...

Feeding the hungry and the poor...

Wheel chair for Maqbool, the cook...


Our team, organised a charity blood donation event for a local blood bank. 

With more than 150 people participating for the event, we were able to donate blood for the needy and poor who are in need of a blood transfusion at short notice and cannot buy blood from elsewhere.

You can also participate in our next event. Give us a call for details or you can donate so that we arrange more events like this and also provide refreshments for those volunteering for blood donation. 


Providing food to people outside Services Hospital, Lahore.

People come from far off rural areas and bring their sick relatives or loved ones for medical treatment. These people are so poor that they cannot go back while the patient is under treatment or can afford a temporary accommodation like hotel room. So they have to stay with their patient but have to sleep and stay outside the hospital usually finding shade under a tree or a make shift shelter. 

While they are waiting for their loved ones to recover and be discharged from the hospital, they have no access to food or clean water.
They suffer as much as those who are inside the hospital.

We provide food and water regularly to these hospitals. 


Every week our teams distribute good and well cooked food to the homeless and the poorest humans amongst us. This event was organised by Ali Kashif Bayg in Lahore. 
At least once a week these poor communities can enjoy a little bit of happiness.
We can do way more, give more food and feed more people if you can help. 

No matter how big or small, your donation can make a difference. Whether you give to a particular country or have a specific cause in mind, Loving Humans will ensure that every penny goes to those who need it most.

It's so easy, just click on the heart and change someone's life forever.




Our Mission

Our mission is to eliminate hunger, poverty and exploitation of vulnerable humans globally through access to resources, capacity building and networking. 

Your donations provide aid to poor and needy people.

You can help us feed the starving, put children through school, provide food and water to the homeless, care for orphans, deliver urgent medical aid and healthcare, care for the elderly and much more. 


Join us by volunteering or raising charity. As they say, "every little helps".

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